199.             $400

Killam & Co. banjo, 1902-1916.  George R.S. Killam worked in Pawtucket RI in the early 1900ís making reproductions of early banjos and pillar & scrolls.  This example is 34 inches tall with the top brass finial.  The wood is mahogany with the cross-cut front trim pieces originally gilded or painted gold, but most of the gold has worn off.  The glasses are likely original but the background colors do not quite match. The dial glass is convex, the dial painted on steel with the original hands.  The signed, 8-day time-only movement is running but out of plumb, driven by a lead weight.  No label.  The most recent sale of a Killam banjo was at William Smith Auctions in 2020 for $450.  $400-$800.

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Antique American Clocks                           July 2022

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