195.             $1000

Isaac Randall wood-front banjo, 1817-1834. Randall worked in St. Albans, VT until 1834 when he moved to Newark NJ.  There are two banjo clock sales on Antique Clocks Price Guide (both the same clock) and one on LiveAuctioneers, so either he was not a prolific maker, or not many of his clocks survived. Probably both.  This would appear to be a third Isaac Randall wood-front banjo.  The 32-inch case is veneered with mahogany, with trim around the throat and box.  The dial glass is flat and modern, the dial with the original paint and hands.  His signature is present, and faintly below it is the town, St. Albans.  The two other clocks are similarly signed.  The round ball finial on top is unique to this clock, and while well-matched, may not be original.  The other two clocks had a presentation base, but there is no evidence of one here.  Nor is there a pendulum viewing window on this clock, although a small window is present on the other two.  The brass timepiece movement is running without hesitation.  Note the three brass wires that are inserted from the right, which apparently serve to keep the lead weight and the pendulum separated; they look original. This clock never had brass side-arms.  The upper hinge on the lower door is broken.  Winding key included.  The mostrecent sale of a Randall banjo was in 2021 for $1600 at Leland Little.  $1000-$1500.


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Antique American Clocks                           July 2022

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