194.             $500

E. Howard & Co. gilt banjo, ca. ? The case, with brass eagle finial, is 33 inches long (note the absence of a gilded base), with gilded gesso trim around the throat and door frame.  Both unsigned glasses are modern, as is the convex dial glass in an older brass bezel.  The iron dial has been painted, possibly repainted, possibly modern.  The hands are period Howard hands, and the movement with steel plates is signed, no model number and no reissue number; there is a winding stop attached to the front plate.  It is regulated by a steel rod pendulum with a damascened brass bob and driven by a lead weight.  It is running without complaint.  There is no label and no stampings on the edges of the case, throat, or door.  I see no extra screw holes on the throat, dial frame, dial, or in the backboard – everything looks original to this clock.  I can’t find a matching example on the Antique Clocks Price Guide or LiveAuctioneers, but there are some similar examples in mahogany that lack a base; here is one, ca. 1858, with a gilded throat and door that sold in 2018 at Cottone’s for $1200.  $500-$1200. 


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Antique American Clocks                           July 2022

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