190.             $350

Atkins & Downs for George Mitchell, 30-hour carved column & splat shelf clock, 1831-1832.  Atkins & Downs (Rollin, Irenus, and Anson) were almost exclusively wholesalers to retailers like George Mitchell.  Anson was Ephraim Downs’ brother; both worked for Luman Watson in Cincinnati before returning to Plymouth and then Bristol.  Irenus continued in clockmaking after this short-lived firm closed, working with various companies including the Atkins Clock Co. until his retirement in 1880.  Rollin and Anson gave up clockmaking after this venture. 

The case is 30 inches tall with an old finish, well-carved half-columns and an impressive carved eagle splat; the pineapple finials are period too.  It stands on paw feet in front and turned feet in back.  Both glasses are period, held in place with finished trim pieces rather than putty.  The tablet is darn good but I can’t determine if it is period or just very old.  I like it either way.  The dial is rather plain, but clean, with minor wear and a bit of loss at the right winding arbor.  The eagle hands are period – not modern reproductions.  The 30-hour time-and-strike wooden movement is running and striking without problem; there are two old weights, a pendulum bob, crank, and door key.  A good but dark label too.  Fontaine’s sold a similar example in 2020 for $425.  $350-$500.

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Antique American Clocks                           July 2022

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