187.             $300

Riley Whiting column & splat, 1828-1835. Although most of the clocks I sell are consigned, I buy clocks if I like them (and I think you will as well), and if I can get them at a reasonable price.  I bought this clock because I really like the original tablet, which has been only lightly touched up. The depicted naval battle is not labeled but may depict the battle between the USS Constitution and HMS Java off the coast of Brazil in 1812, a victory for American Commander William Bainbridge that was widely celebrated as a sign of American naval superiority over the British (The English did not take kindly to this American insolence and sailed up the Chesapeake to burn Washington in 1814). 

The case is 29 inches tall with the period carved pineapple finials; the mahogany veneer is good all around except for losses on the side returns.  Carved paw feet in front, turned feet in back.  The bronze stenciling is original and bright; both glasses are original with the original putty, the tablet, as noted, is original with small touch-ups.  The wooden dial is clean but with some losses to the lining, the hands are proper.  The 30-hour wooden movement will run for a minute or two and will strike the iron bell.  There are two iron weights and a period pendulum bob.  A tin dust shield on the back, one tin pulley cover, and a good label inside.  A very original example.  $300-$500.


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Antique American Clocks                           July 2022

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