184.             $2500

Treat & Bishop miniature timepiece, 1831-1833. Treat & Bishop worked out of Bristol CT, here making miniature timepieces and alarms for George Mitchell, a clock retailer. Their clocks are rare; I can find only one sale on LiveAuctioneers, and no sales on the Antique Clocks Price Guide.  This example is 21 inches tall with an old, clean finish on the mahogany veneer; the stenciling on the half-columns and splat remains clear. The full front door opens on the right, hinges on the left.  Both glasses are original, the tablet touched up extensively, but it looks good.  The wooden dial is clean with bright gesso-gilt designs and original hands.  The small wooden movement is time-only, 30 hours, driven by a small square iron weight; it refuses to run.  A very good label inside.  The only sale of a Treat & Bishop clock (the same model as here) that I can find was at Cottone’s in 2015 for $2800.  $2500-$3500.          


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Antique American Clocks                           July 2022

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