183.              $1000

Silas Hoadley miniature timepiece with alarm,ca. 1830.  Hoadley worked for many years in Plymouth MA, making clocks like this in his mid-career; he is known for his tall-case wooden movements and his “upside-down” wooden shelf clock movements, as found here.  This case is 25 inches tall on paw feet in the front and turned feet in back.  The mahogany veneer is good but could use some cleaning and polish.  The quarter-columns and splat have bronze stenciling with an eagle at the top.  The dial glass and mirror appear to be original but the putty holding them in place is not.  The wooden dial is clean and colorful, the hands acceptable, the alarm hand appears to be a handmade replacement. The small 30-hour, time and alarm wooden movement was made by Hoadley and has winding arbors at 12 for the time, driven by a standard 30-hour weight, and between 8 and 9 for the alarm; the weight cord for the alarm is missing but the weight is there, as is the iron bell and two-sided hammer.  The time side runs briefly when the weight is hung; the bell has been repositioned and the hammer will not strike it properly.  There is a worn and stained label on the inside.  The mirror version of this clock (vs painted tablet) has sold recently for from $225 to as much as $2300.  $1000-$2000.


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Antique American Clocks                           July 2022

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