181.           $325

Henry C. Smith 30-hour shelf clock with alarm, 1833-1845. Smith worked out of Plymouth MA for about a decade making wooden movement shelf clocks for retail by himself and others, as here for Hiram Hunt in Bangor, ME.  The refinished case is 30 inches tall with carved half-columns and splat; the case is flawless, with a beautiful finish.  The dial glass is original, the lower glass old but appears to have been out of the door, and it is backed by cardboard.  The gilt border appears to be period, the center image likely repainted.  The wooden dial is clean but faded, there is an alarm ring and two proper hands.  The 30-hour wooden movement does not run for more than a minute when the weights are hung, and it can’t stop striking.  The alarm weight cord is missing, and it was not tested; there is a small alarm weight. The alarm strikes on a bell on top of the clock, while the hours are struck on a wire gong inside, as is usual.  There are unusual wooden dust covers up top that look original.  The torn label states “Extra bushed clocks”, but I am not sure what that means. I do know that this is one attractive clock.  Horton’s sold a very similar example in 2019 for $400; that is the only other example I can find.  $350-$450.


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Antique American Clocks                           July 2022

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