172.            $5000

George Owens “Regulator No. 3” (Gilbert Regulator No. 7), ca. 1881.  This clock was sold in the January auction, but the buyer was unhappy with the finish and so returned it (well, actually, I had to go get it.  In northern Wisconsin.  For those of you who are not familiar with the Great White North, the problem is not that it is cold in winter – the problem is that spring doesn’t come until JUNE).  I am providing pictures that better show the problems with the finish – there are superficial spots of dullness, where perhaps a previous owner did a poor job of revarnishing.  I believe they could be easily restored with a bit of 4-ought steel wool and some clear finish.  Note also that I listed this as a Wm. Gilbert Regulator No. 7 in January, but my consignor thinks it is probably a George Owens – Owens worked for Gilbert and sold some of the clocks he designed under his own name.  So even if it is a Gilbert, it is really an Owens! The 104-inch case (8 ft 8 in) is walnut with walnut burl on the door front and inside back panel, as well as on the ornamentation on the base.  As noted, the old/original finish is uneven in places, and the base is a bit beaten up (note that this clock easily disassembles into a base, trunk, and crest).  All three glasses are original, with the original putty.  The figurehead on the crest is gilded and the finials are the correct size.  The enamel dial is perfect, and the brass bezel is clean. There are three hands, all correct.  The Swiss pinwheel movement is running but not with enthusiasm, and based on the amount of oil on the movement it will likely need service before long.  There is an 11.5-lb brass weight and the original 11.5-lb gridiron pendulum, with a winding crank and door key.  $6000-$9000.

Delivery to the eastern half of the US (central and eastern time zones) for $450.   

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Antique American Clocks                           July 2022

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