163.              $1500

Seth Thomas “Marcy”, ca. 1885.  The case is walnut, 44 inches long, with a clean finish, as pretty a Marcy as I have seen.  Both glasses are modern replacements; the dial has been modified to indicate a previous owner or business and varnished; it is beginning to peel and chip.  The hands are correct.  The spring-driven, 8-day movement is correct, striking on two nested cup bells on the quarter hours, and counting the hours on a wire gong.  It is running and striking, a little laboriously.  It may need to warm up.  The pendulum bob is nickel with the ST damascene pattern.  No label inside or out.  If you can live without the small finial that should be on the very top, this is one nice Marcy.  AAC sold two oak models in poorer condition in the last several years for $1200 and $1500.  $1500 -$2500.


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Antique American Clocks                           July 2022

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