159.            $500

Seth Thomas “Lobby 18 Inch”, 1896-1897.  Only made for two years, in a carved 38-inch walnut or dark oak case with an 18-inch dial behind an old glass.  The dial holds the original or very old paint with light soiling and no chipping and is signed and shows “Thirty Day” at the bottom.  The hands are as shown in the catalog illustration (Ly, Seth Thomas Clocks & Movements, Vol. 1, page 343).  The signed Seth Thomas 30-day, time-only movement is running without issue; there is a deteriorating white label inside and considerable peeling on the back, with no date stamp.  Horton’s sold one in 2016 for $755; R.O. Schmitt sold one in 2017 for $1300, and Fontaine’s sold a refinished oak example in 2022 for $550.  $500-$1000.

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Antique American Clocks                           July 2022

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