158.               $600

Ansonia Clock Co. "Reflector”, ca. 1883.  The 33.5-inch case appears to be mahogany with an old finish, a period Ansonia glass in good condition and four side mirrors, likely original, with gilt stencils on the top panel and bottom curved panels (and middle drawer to store the winding key).  This appears to be an early model.  The dial is very yellowed paper with a "J" logo that is reminiscent of Junghans, but Junghans did not use this form of logo.  the 8-day, time-and-strike movement is unsigned, consistent with it being manufactured for foreign distribution.  The clock is running and striking on a cathedral gong.  The beat scale has been broken and repaired.  This model is more commonly seen with an ebony finish.  A couple of similar mahogany examples sold at Cottone’s in 2021 for $800 and $950. $600-$1000.

Mark Lindenbaum has suggested that the "Diamond J" on the dial indicates that the clock was Japanese-made.  My consignor is doubtful and believes this is the mark of a retailer in Europe, possibly England.  I have not been able to find an owner of this symbol.  I am inclined to believe it was marketed in Europe, probably England, by a clock retailer. 

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Antique American Clocks                           July 2022

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