153.              $500

Wm. L. Gilbert Clock Co. “Consort” barbershop clock, ca. 1910.  No, your eyes are fine and I did not accidentally invert this clock picture.  This is a barbershop clock made to be viewed in a mirror while you sit in the chair getting trimmed up.  The modification was done by the Kramer Service Co. of Elkader, IA to a Gilbert Consort.  The clean oak case is 32 inches long.  The dial is a mirror image of a normal dial but note that the lettering for the KSC is not reversed – I find this to be particularly disorienting.  And it’s not just the dial that is reversed – the movement runs backwards as well.  And finally, note that the ‘Regulator’ stencil on the lower glass is also reversed.  I don’t think a standard movement can be easily reversed, so I am assuming that Kramer installed this unsigned, 8-day, time-only movement in an empty case from Gilbert.  The clock is running like a champ and the calendar hand is advancing – in reverse, of course!  The paper dial is a bit yellowed, the dial glass is modern, the lower glass original.  Note the fancy Gilbert pendulum bob.  Labels on the back.  If you search LiveAuctioneers for barbershop clocks, or Kramer clocks, you will find a few of these in models from various makers, but this is the only one I see with a calendar movement.  Prices are quite variable.  My consignor has asked for a $500 minimum, and I think that is quite reasonable.  $500-$1000.

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