55.             $1500

Norris North & Co. reeded miniature pillar & scroll, 1822-1824.  A 26.5-inch clock with brass urn finials on wooden posts, mahogany veneer, reeded columns and birdseye maple trim on the crest and base corners.  The finish is clean, and I see only one veneer repair on the lower door above the escutcheon. The dial glass is original, the lower glass modern with a repainted tablet.  I believe the dial is a modern antiqued reproduction on an iron plate, as these clocks had wooden dials; it looks great and replicates the wooden dials seen on other examples.  This clock was included in an exhibition of pillar & scroll clocks at the National Clock & Watch Museum in early 2007 and is included in a book (Pillar & Scroll, NAWCC) on pages 50-51 that resulted from this exhibit.  The period hands are correct.  The east-west wooden movement should run 30 hours with time-and-strike on an iron bell; it was not tested as the weight cords are missing. There are two small square weights.  The label is intact but oil-stained at the bottom.  A similar example sold at Skinnerís in 2009 for $2133.  $1500-$2500.

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Antique American Clocks                           July 2022

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Can I return my clock if I donít like it?


Absolutely!  Save your packing and box, you have 30 days from receipt to return it if you are unhappy.  If the clock is not as described, or I missed something important and that is not evident from the pictures, I will refund your shipping costs (both ways) as well.  Find another auction company that does that!