Antique American Clocks                           July 2022


46.              $100

Chauncey Boardman fusee steeple, 1847-1850. Boardman had a long and successful career as a clockmaker in Bristol CT:  He developed the ‘groaner’ wood movement in 1824 (to avoid patent infringement on E Terry), and in 1847 received a patent (with J. Wells) for the brass fusee movement found in this steeple (the patent date is stamped on the lower crossbar).  The 20-inch mahogany case has an old finish with some crinkling in places, but no veneer losses.  Both glasses are period, possibly original, with an outstandingly preserved tablet – worth the price of admission alone.  The contoured dial is old, possibly repainted long ago, with some cracks and chipping; it is not original to this clock, but the hands probably are.  The 30-hour time-and-strike fusee movement is bright and shiny, signed, and running without issue.  A good label inside.  A fine clock for the newer collector or the seasoned collector filling out his/her steeple collection, given the outstanding tablet.  $100-$200.


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