Antique American Clocks                           July 2022


44.             $750

Brewster & Ingrahams early round gothic (beehive),ca. 1842.  A second rare and early round gothic that uses Kirk’s patent repeating, rack-and-snail strike movement, here with the brass springs housed in cast iron cups.  This is the second generation of this early movement; for more details see Ly, American Clocks, Vol. 3, page 32.  The use of enclosed brass springs was soon discontinued due to cost and the recognition that these movements would not readily explode.  The 19-inch case has beautiful flame mahogany veneer on the front rounded surfaces, with no chips or flaws that I see, and has been polished to a fine furniture finish.  Both glasses are original, held in place by the original putty; the tablet is cut and frosted glass.  The dial is wood, as was used in these early spring-driven clocks. It is slightly convex at the edges, shows wear and soiling, and is signed.  The hands are period and correct.  The 8-day time-and-strike movement was running but is now stopped by the strike chain actuator and will need attention.  There is a good label and a working door latch and key.  This clock was probably only made for one year; I can find no recent sales, and only two sales on Antique Clocks Price Guide going back to 1999.  $750-$2500.


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