Antique American Clocks                           July 2022


43.            $750

E.C. Brewster & Co. early round gothic (beehive), ca.1840.  This is a rare and early round gothic that uses Kirk’s patent repeating, rack-and-snail strike movement, with brass springs enclosed in cast iron barrels and mounted on a cast iron backplate.  For details see Ly, American Clocks, Vol. 3, page 30. The 19-inch case is veneered in mahogany with a few chips here and there, not unexpected for its age.  Both glasses are original, with the cut and frosted glass tablet repeating the lyre pattern of the gong mount inside.  The dial is painted metal but should be wood; the hands are correct.  The movement is unsigned and is running and striking on a wire gong (on a fancy lyre mount) as expected.  The backboard paper is green with a card label; there is a door key and working latch.  I cannot find a sales record for this rare model.  $750-$2500.

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