Antique American Clocks                           July 2022


40.             $1500

Southern Calendar Clock Co. “Fashion No. 6”, ca.1880.  One of the less common Fashion clocks, with attractive black dials, gold lettering, and four nickel hands.  The 32-inch solid walnut case has been cleaned and polished, the door glass and lettering are original, as are the painted black dials (note the proper black paper seconds bit dial) and finials.  The Seth Thomas movement with a long-drop pendulum is running and striking a cathedral gong; the nickel pendulum bob is damascened.  The movement is screw-mounted to the frame.  The calendar roller papers are probably original and there are two labels inside.  The calendar is working but the lift rod needs adjustment to advance the hand and weekday roller.  AAC sold a very similar example last winter for $2100.  $1500-$1800. 

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