Antique American Clocks                           July 2022


33.                $1800

Ithaca Calendar Clock Co. “Emerald”, 1882-1896.  The 33-inch walnut case has burled walnut panels on the front and angled sides, burled corner columns, and ebonized edges to the panels and trim.  The intricately carved crest shows one small repair to the right top scrollwork.  The upper glass is old, the calendar glass replaced; both sit in nickeled bezels, the paper dials old, the hands correct.  The movement is a 30-day, double-wind made by E.N. Welch; it is running easily and the calendar is advancing.  The pendulum bob is nickel, and the round door in front provides access.  No label.  This model also came as an 8-day time-and-strike.  This is a very original example of a hard-to-find model.  Carroll Horton sold this clock in 2018 for $3300.  $1800-$2500.


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