Antique American Clocks                           July 2022


31.               $350

E.N. Welch “Arditi” calendar, ca. 1889. A 27-inch walnut case (I think) with a very old and layered finish.  This clock has patina to spare.  The glass is original, held in with the original putty, both dials are very old paper with light yellowing to the calendar dial and more severe wear to the time dial.  The hands are correct all around.  The 8-day, time and half-hour strike movement is bright and clean, signed, and running and striking on a wire gong; the calendar hands are advancing on cue.  There is an instruction label inside on how to set Gale’s new perpetual calendar and the remnants of two labels on the back.  This model sells reliably for around $400. $350-$450.

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