Antique American Clocks                           July 2022


25.              $750

Atkins/Welch, Spring & Co. 8-day regulator, ca. 1870.  This clock has proven difficult to assign to a manufacturer; the 53-inch case, veneered in rosewood with minor repairs, was likely made by the Atkins Clock Co., while the 8-day, time-only movement may have been made by Welch, Spring & Co. when these two companies worked closely together.  The movement is very similar to the Type D 30-day, upside-down movement shown on page 60 of Gregory & King, The Clocks of Irenus Atkins, but as noted, runs only 8 days rather than 30.  The 30-day movements also had a seconds bit and heavier weights; the cylinder weights here are 3.5 lbs each, and the clock is running without problem.  Both glasses are old but have been out of the doors; the dial is dark and has been touched up well in several places, and still has a few chips.  The hands are old and likely original.  I cannot find a sales record for a clock like this with an inverted 8-day movement.  $750-$1200. 

This clock was listed erroneously as a 30-day clock in the January auction; thanks to Bill Iles for recognizing that it was likely an 8-day clock, as I have now confirmed.

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