Antique American Clocks                           July 2022


24.             $650

Wallace Goodwin regulator, 1840-1861.  This is one of two W. Goodwin clocks in this auction, along with the Baltimore banjo, #128.  The 29-inch rosewood-grain-painted case is dark but the grain painting is clear.  Both glasses are period/original, the tablet has been touched up.  The 11-inch dial is the original paper, remarkably clean and signed below the mainstem.  The two screws on either side of the signature do not attach to anything and have been noted in the one other example of this model.  The hands differ from that example but are likely original.  The unsigned banjo-style movement runs 8 days, time-only, and is running without issue, driven by a large cast iron weight.  AAC sold the ‘other example’ in 2020 for $650.  $650-$900.


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