Antique American Clocks                           July 2022


19.             $3500

E. Howard & Co. “No. 75 Regulator”, ca. 1880. Looks like oak but is probably ash, as it is smoother grained than oak.  The 33-inch case has a very old finish; the dial glass has been replaced, based on the newer glazing, the tablet looks original with a small area of lifting.  The dial is also likely original, with light soiling, and the hands are Howard.  The 8-day time-only movement is signed and running, driven by a No. 70 iron weight, and regulated by the original pendulum with a damascened brass bob.  A wooden weight shield and a proper pendulum tie-down, a jeweler’s label on the back.  I can find no issues with this clock.  I’ve not seen this clock in ash before. $3500-$4500.


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