Antique American Clocks                           July 2022


17.            $2500

E. Howard & Co. “No. 89 Regulator”, ca. 1889. This is best example I’ve seen of this model.  The solid oak case is 65 inches long with the original glass in the door; note that it is marked “Standard Time”.  The painted metal dial holds the original paint with some chipping and light soiling. “E Howard & Co. Boston” can be seen faintly below the mainstem.  The hands are Howard issue.  The clean movement is marked number 1 and signed and running, time-only, 8 days.  The pendulum stick and damascened brass bob are original, with tie-down. The correct weight behind the shield is marked “1”.  The four ball finials on top even look original.  If you’ve got the space this is your clock.  AAC sold one in poorer condition in January 2021 for $2500.  $2500-$3000.

Delivery in the eastern half of the US for $250.

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