Antique American Clocks                           July 2022


16.              $1200

Seth Thomas “Regulator No. 3”, 1884. A 41-inch case veneered in walnut with burl trim on the door, bezels, and door side-trim.  The finish is old and could use some rejuvenation; both small drop finials at the bottom of the dial bezel are missing and were probably broken off.  Both glasses are old, possibly original.  The dial appears to hold the original paint, with some wear, the hands, except for the seconds bit, are correct and period.  The brass plate movement is signed and shown on page 279 of Ly’s book, Seth Thomas Clocks and Movements, Vol. 1.  It was used in Ball regulators.  The pendulum stick and bob are likely original, the nickel bob is damascened but has lost considerable nickel plating.  The knurled weight is also nickel, along with the Seth Thomas nickel pulley.  There is a label on the inside bottom of the case.  The clock is running without problem.  “Threes”, especially original threes in walnut, are hard to find; Fontaine’s sold one in rosewood last fall for $1900, and Schmidt’s Antiques sold a refinished example in 2020 for $2000.  $1200-$2000.


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