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6.              $500

Seth Thomas “Lunar”, 1894~1910.  An unusual clock from Seth Thomas with a functioning lunar dial and an open well weight drop.  Even the weights are unusual for Seth Thomas. The mahogany case is 35.5 inches long, less than the 41 inches in the catalog description, but all the sales examples I can find are the same size as this one.  ST likely changed the dimensions in later models.  The door glass is old but probably not original, the metal dial has been repainted and the moon dial has a paper face.  The Seth Thomas 8-day, time-and-strike movement is signed and was used in one other model, the Jupiter, which also had a moon dial.  It is running, but not with much enthusiasm and will need service before too long.  The strike as also sticky.  The pendulum stick and bob are correct, as are the weights; the cup bell that should be above the movement has been replaced with an E. Ingraham wire gong.  This is a hard-to-find model in any condition; the most recent sale on LiveAuctioneers was in 2021 for $700 at Burns Auction.  $500-$1000.


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