Antique American Clocks                      January 2022


260.    $150

Joseph Ives “hourglass” REPRODUCTION.  Oh gosh, where to begin.  Sorting out what is real from what is a replacement would take a week.  I’m just going to throw my thoughts out here; you look at the pictures and decide for yourself.  There may well be some significant value in this clock.  The 23.5-inch hourglass case, veneered in mahogany and with some age, could be an original, the base is 13 inches wide.  The columns are walnut with no veneer.  The veneer on the door, however, is pieced together in a manner that would embarrass Mr. Ives’ casemaker.  Both glasses are modern, the tablet a well-done replica of an Ives tablet (except it lacks the pendulum diamond window that is always found on this model). The brass dial is correct to this model and has some age, but the numbering does not.  The hands are period and correct. The movement is a replacement, and the maker’s name has been removed.  There is a single “wagonspring” surrounding the movement, as found in the originals; I am not qualified to tell if it is an original.  There is no interior dust cover and no label. The backboard is not original.  With all that said, it’s not a bad looking reproduction, and it will run and strike; it is likely a 30-hour clock.  Might do until you come up with $10,000 for an original.  $150-$500.

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