Antique American Clocks                      January 2022


257.    $450

Baird Clock Co. “Vanner & Prest’s Molliscorium” advertiser, ca. 1890.  Molliscorium was a brand of harness oil for keeping leather goods soft and supple.  It was also recommended for the horses’ hooves (an embrocation). Baird clocks advertising this oil are some of the most common Baird advertisers.  This clock is 30.5 inches long with an old but well-maintained finish.  The dial glass is period, the lower glass a likely replacement.  The paper dial is signed and shows the usual wear, the hands are correct; the 8-day, time-only movement is stamped “Baird Clock Co., Plattsburg, NY”.  It is dirty but running.  There is a Baird pendulum bob and a V&P label inside.  This is a nice example.  $500-$800.

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