Antique American Clocks                      January 2022


253.    $250

Howard & Davis “No. 4 Regulator”, ca. 1857.  This is one size larger than the most common form of this iconic banjo, the No. 5; the No. 4 is 32 inches long with a cherry case that is grain-painted to resemble rosewood. The grain painting is remarkably well retained on this clock and is overcoated with a clear gloss.  All three glasses are old; the dial glass appears to be held in with the original putty, the throat glass has been rebacked and is possibly a replacement, and the opening in the tablet glass is larger than is typically seen with H&D banjos and may be a substitution.  The dial is a replacement and the paint is peeling off like rats from a sinking ship; the hands are possibly correct.  My understanding is that H&D dials were paper prints on zinc dials, so this should not be difficult to restore.  The 8-day time-only movement is signed “Howard & Davis Boston” and is running steadily.  The pendulum stick is a replacement overlaid on a traditional banjo rod, painted gold; the weight is a replacement as is the weight shield.  The replacement dial pan is a weakness here, with some question about the glasses.  Nonetheless, the movement and the case are of some value.  These clocks typically sell for around $800.  $250-$500.

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