Antique American Clocks                      January 2022


252.    $250

Marshall & Adams two-door column & cornice, 1833-1836.  This is the most common case style used by this firm, here fitted with a 30-hour wooden works movement.  The case is 33.5 inches tall with mahogany veneer in good condition; there are two carved half-columns on the bottom half of the case.  The most attractive aspect of this clock is the spectacular reverse-painted lithograph tablet on the lower door entitled “The Soldiers Adieu”, a popular theme in the 1800’s. The original lithograph was printed by D.W. Kellogg & Co. of Hartford CT between 1830 and 1840.  Unfortunately, the tablet is flaking badly and is backed by a piece of cardboard to protect it.  There is also a reverse-painted image of flowers in the cornice glass, but the flaking and losses are severe.  All the glasses are original, including the dial glass.  The wooden dial is clean but the hands are improper replacements.  The 30-hour wooden movement should have brass bushings according to the label, but I do not see brass bushings and believe it is a replacement.  M&A purchased wooden movements from the Jeromes. There is an acceptable label inside and two old 30-hour weights.  The clock is running and striking on a wire gong.  $250-$400.


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