Antique American Clocks                      January 2022


251.     $50

Unknown maker, fusee wall/shelf clock, ca. 1900?  A 36-inch solid oak case that houses a very large, heavy, brass plate, single fusee (time) movement with a second train that currently has no function.  The fusee uses a large chain, and everything about this timepiece suggests a commercial/industrial use.  The door glass is a modern replacement; it opens on the right and has a working latch and key.  I believe the dial board is a replacement; the heavy metal dial has been repainted and mounts to the movement mount by three screws (one is missing), again a heavy-duty construct.  Nothing is labeled or signed.  I suspect there were additional parts at one time, as it looks like it has a strike chain.  There is no evidence of electrical wiring.  The movement is running but frequently skips escape wheel teeth; I dont see an easy adjustment for that, but it may be adjustable from the back I did not remove the movement.  $50-$150.


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