Antique American Clocks                      January 2022


250.    $50

Modern blinking eye clock, “Sambo”, 1990.  As the label states, this is a modern cast iron reproduction of the Bradley & Hubbard novelty from the 1870’s.  It holds a battery-operated quartz movement with a lever to swing a pendulum or, in this case, cause the eyes (wooden plugs) to move up and down, as the originals do.  Pretty clever! It is running and the time is advancing.  The metal bezel around the dial is beat up; the paint on the figure is nicely done.  There is a label on the bottom.  One machine screw holding it together is missing.  I have not seen this reproduction before.  $50-$100.

overview_5051003.jpg overview_5051002.jpg overview_5051001.jpg