Antique American Clocks                      January 2022


244.    $100

F. Kroeber Clock Co. round lever 8-day, ca. 1900.  Kroeber made several models of lever movement (marine) wall clocks but this one is not shown in Lys book on Kroeber clocks.   It uses a high-grade Seth Thomas double-wind, 8-day, time-only chronometer movement also found in Seth Thomas Chronometer Levers, as shown with #242.  The 8.5-inch walnut case has been adjusted to hold this large movement, making me confident that it is original to the case.  It is running but a bit unsteady. The dial is worn paper, the hands likely correct, the seconds hand looks like a replacement.  There is just a bit of label on the back, enough to see that it is a Kroeber clock.  No sales records.  $100-$250.

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