Antique American Clocks                      January 2022


237.    $100

Modern(?) two-weight Vienna, ca. ?  This clock is a puzzle.  The 43-inch solid oak case is in the Jugendstil style (1890-1920), but oak is not typically seen with Viennas.  The wood is old and has been refinished; the back sides of most pieces show age, yet donít look like they started out together.  The metal ornaments at the top and bottom are unusual but look like they belong there.  The three glasses are not old.  The movement is unmarked, with only a serial number.  The pendulum bob may be newer, as are the weights.  But not too new.  The two-part porcelain dial has some hairlines, with a seconds hand that is a replacement.  It is running and striking the hours and half-hours on the wire gong (the hammer needs adjustment).  I like the look of this clock; I just donít know who made it or when.  $100-$400.

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