Antique American Clocks                      January 2022


233.    $100

Jerome, Gilbert, Grant & Co. Round-side shelf clock, 1839-1840.  The label in this round-side lists Jerome as singular, but the Spittlers & Bailey (American Clockmakers & Watchmakers) list the company as Jeromes, Gilbert, Grant & Co (1839-1840).  Later examples of this model have the label corrected.  It uses the Jerome I-beam unsigned 30-hour, time-and-strike movement with the zinc-finished dial as originally manufactured.  The dial glass is likely original with considerable losses, the tablet is repainted on old glass.  The hands are period.  There is dark wallpaper inside and two square 30-hour weights, with a pendulum bob and crank.  AAC sold this clock in 2020 for $106; seems like it ought to be worth more than that.  $100-$200.

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