Antique American Clocks                      January 2022


230.    $100

Waterbury Clock Co. “Romance”, ca. 1885.  This 21-inch Nicholas Muller casting is No. 166, Romance. It holds a Waterbury movement and label.  The metal case has been refinished nicely with a copper base coat and a matte black overcoat that leaves just enough of the copper to give it a dimensional finish.  There is new glass in the sash, the paper dial is yellowed, stained, and may be original.  The 8-day, time-and-strike signed movement is running with little enthusiasm and striking on a nickel bell.  There is a dark paper label behind plastic.  There is no pendulum bob, but any small bob will do.  This is a nicely restored figural that I think would benefit from a movement cleaning and a new paper dial.  $100-$200.

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