Antique American Clocks                      January 2022


223.    $350

Silas B. Terry bevel-front shelf clock, ca. 1835.  SB Terry was always creative with his clocks and movements, but never was very successful financially with them.  Here he is using his “upside-down” brass movement in a 24-inch bevel-front shelf clock.  The mahogany veneer is very good, the dial glass is modern, the tablet glass and decalcomania tablet are likely original and the image well preserved.  The wooden dial board has a printed paper dial (original) in very good condition – you can even read the printers name: “D. Felt & Co. & C.C. Wright, N.Y.”.  The hands are almost certainly replacements. The brass movement is seen in similar examples and has two solid brass wheels (time-and-strike) with the winding arbors above the mainstem.  Note the large escape wheel, typical of Terry’s movements.  There are two small weights with this clock, really alarm weights with lead added to the bottoms to add weight; this is probably a 30-hour clock and should just have two 2.5-3 lb weights. I did not get the movement to run with these weights but did not try very hard.  There is paper on the backboard but any writing that was once on it is long gone.  These clocks from Terry are not rare, but are not common either and are usually in rough shape, like here.  Nonetheless, they sell for a premium price; Horton’s sold a similar example in 2017 for $825.  That is the most recent sale I can find.  $400-$800.

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