Antique American Clocks                      January 2022


222.    $250

Seth Thomas “Putnam”, ca. 1900.  Note the late manufacture date on this “carved column & cornice” clock – it is a Seth Thomas reissue in the style of the early 1800’s clocks.  The 36.25-inch case is veneered in mahogany with carved mahogany half-columns and splat.  Both glasses are original, including the wonderful tablet.  The dial is zinc, painted in a ST 1890’s fashion with the Seth Thomas name at the bottom; the hands are as shown in the catalog illustration (Ly, Seth Thomas Clocks & Movements, Vol. 1, page 515).  The tablet differs from that shown in the catalog illustration but is along the same style.  The ST 8-day, time-and-strike brass lyre movement is running and striking on the standing cathedral gong, driven by two 8-day iron weights.  There was a similar model, the Yorktown, that was spring-driven.  There is a good paper label inside. I can find no sales for this model (one sale at Harris was mis-identified).  So we’re going with $250 to start.  $250-$400.


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