Antique American Clocks                      January 2022


221.     $100

Chauncey Boardman wooden works OG, ca. 1832.  Boardman partnered with Jos. A Wells in 1832 to form a large and successful clockmaking operation and made wooden works movements until 1837.  This clock was likely made shortly after Boardman & Wells got together, as the bottom of the Fenn glass denotes “Boardman & Wells, Bristol, Ct” but the label lists only Boardman as the manufacturer.  The veneer on the 26.5-inch case is clean and shows no age, making me think it has been replaced.  One repair at the bottom left of the door.  Both glasses are original, with the patriotic tablet showing considerable wear and loss.  The wooden dial is clean but has losses, the hands aren’t quite a match.  The 30-hour time-and-strike wooden movement was not tested; note that it has brass bushings as claimed on the label.  There are two old weights and an old pendulum bob; you can decline the weights for a $10 credit.  The label is complete but badly water stained.  $100-$200.

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