Antique American Clocks                      January 2022


215.     $250

Ansonia Clock Co. “Triumph”, ca. 1880.  This is the iconic mirrorside that must be in your collection of mirrorside clocks.   The 24.5-inch black walnut case has a perfect finish, the stenciled door glass is original with little wear, the side mirrors are period, as are the cupid statues, with an old finish.  The signed paper dial shows some wear, especially at the time-winding arbor; the hands are correct. The Ansonia 8-day, time-and-strike movement is running and striking on the hours and half-hours on a cathedral gong; the alarm strikes on a brass bell and winds separately (not tested).  The silvered pendulum matches the nickel dial ring.  There is a metal figurehead at the top and a metal ornament on the burled walnut base, and a good label on the back.  This clock is about as good as it gets for this model.  AAC sold a Triumph two years ago for $300.  $250-$500.

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