Antique American Clocks                      January 2022


209.    $400

Chelsea Clock Co. “Ball Standard 8-Day Lever Wall Clock”, ca. 1923.  This clock is described on page 85 of Ly’s American Clocks, Vol. 2.  The oak case is 16.5 inches square with an old finish and some grime along the sides; the glass is modern, the clean, signed dial and the three hands original.  The 8-day lever movement is signed and numbered 186974, dating it to 1925-1929.  The movement is encased in a brass cannister (not pictured).  I could not get it running and it is wound tight.  No label.  I cannot find a sales record for this model, although one was discussed on the NAWCC forum in 2018, and Schmitt’s listed one that year but it did not sell.  $400-$600.


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