Antique American Clocks                      January 2022


206.    $750

Atkins Clock Co. “Octagon Drop XX” 30-day fusee time-and-strike wall clock, 1859-1870.  This is a very unusual clock from this company, the only example I can find with this movement in this model.  The Octagon Drop XX case was designed for Ives’ wagon spring movement (Gregory & King, The Clocks of Irenus Atkins); after Ives forbid its use Atkins switched to 30-day, time-only fusee movements and developed an 8-day, time-only spring movement by 1865.   The 30-day fusee movements can be distinguished by winding ports at 9 and 3; early 8-day time-only movements have a single winding port at 3, and later models at 7.  An 8-day time-and-strike was also developed, winding at 4 and 8 on the dial; these movements are commonly found in this model.  Atkins also developed a 30-day, time-and-strike double-fusee movement for the newly marketed London mantel shelf clock; this movement can be seen on page 81 of The Clocks of Irenus Atkins and is found here.  As noted, it is the only example of this movement in this case that I can find, but given that Atkins experimented with a great many movements, it is perhaps not that surprising. Winding at 4 and 8, it could easily be substituted for an 8-day time-and-strike.  Removal of the movement does not reveal evidence of any other movement having been in this case (see photo).  The 25-inch case is veneered in mahogany, I think, with ripple trim around the octagon.  The dial glass is a replacement, the lower glass original.  There are two ivory (or bone, if you prefer) door handles; the dial is an old repaint or, perhaps, the original paint.  The hands are original.  The unsigned brass plate movement is running but the strike side is stuck and will need attention; the fusee spring is not fully wound.  There is no label in this clock and no evidence that there ever was one.  Atkins did not always label his clocks.  A very rare example of Atkins’ experimentation.  Horton’s sold a 30-day double fusee in 2019 for $1075.  $750-$1000.


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