Antique American Clocks                      January 2022


203.    $150

E.N. Welch “Verdi”, ca. 1889.  A 31-inch case veneered in rosewood in good condition.  The dial glass is newer, the lower glass original.  The dial holds the original paint; the numbering has been retouched, especially the seconds dial, but otherwise is in good shape.  The hands are original, the interior is covered in the original black flocking. The Verdi 8-day movement is unsigned; it strikes the hours on a cathedral gong and the half-hours on a cup bell behind the movement. The clock, and the movement, are shown in Ly’s book Welch Clocks, Second Edition, on pages 283-284.  There is a label on the back.  AAC sold a very similar example a year ago for $180.  $150-$200.

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