Antique American Clocks                      January 2022


176.     $200

Elisha Hotchkiss, Jr. shelf clock, 1831-1834.  Mr. Hotchkiss worked out of Burlington CT for three years before going bankrupt.  This is a 35-inch case with mahogany veneer and carved columns and splat; the dial glass looks original, the lower glass has been out of the case and repainted brilliantly by Tom Moberg.  The dial board is decorated and reasonably clean, the uncommon eagle hands are period.  The 1-day wooden movement could not be persuaded to run, but I didnít try too hard.  Old weights and an old pendulum bob in front of a good label.  A classic long-drop 30-hour clock of the early 1830ís.  $200-$400. 

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