Antique American Clocks                      January 2022

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160.    $175

Chauncey Jerome false fusee steeple, 1844-1850.  The zebrawood veneer on the front of this large (22.5 inch) steeple is outstanding (excluding the two small chips on the upper left of the door).  Never heard of zebrawood?  Neither had I until Joe Arvay clued me in; its another tropical tree from Central America.  Note that the sides are veneered in mahogany.  Both glasses are original, the tablet in excellent condition.  The contoured metal dial holds the original paint and the hands are original/period.  The movement on this clock was adapted from a 30-hour weight-driven movement by mounting spools and springs below the main frame; the spools are necessary to wind the springs from the original winding arbors.  This gives the appearance of a fusee movement, and in some cases fusees were used.  It is running and striking on a wire gong. A good but simple label inside.  $175-$300.

Thanks to Jim DuBois for explaining the basis for the false fusee movement to me!  And thanks to Joe Arvay for noting that the veneer is zebrawood, not tiger maple!