Antique American Clocks                      January 2022


153.     $1500

Abel Stowell, Jr. gallery clock, 1820-1856.  Stowell was known for making tower clocks; this is just a bit smaller but was made for public spaces and buildings.  It is 35 inches in diameter with a 28-inch dial. The minute hand is 13.5 inches.  The painted wooden dial is 1 inch thick in the center and is signed “Abel Stowell, Maker. Charlestown, Mass.”  Above the mainstem there is a statement of presentation, but it is not legible, and there is considerable wear to the original finish on the dial (there was never a glass or bezel).  The brass time-only movement is driven by an 11-lb iron weight with a 12-inch pendulum; note that the minute hand is counterweighted and rotates counterclockwise behind the movement.  The brass lever at the bottom allows you to start the pendulum swinging should it wind down.  The clock is running easily and is ready to occupy a commanding position in your home.  There are no sales records for this or similar clocks in the Antique Clocks Price Guide.  Delivery to the eastern half of the US for $250.  $1500-$2500.


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