Antique American Clocks                      January 2022


146.    $150

William S. Johnson four post, weight-driven column & cornice, 1841-1848.  Johnson was a New York city retailer, at the address given here (16 Courtland St) in the mid-1840ís.  This style of clock was popular at that time and many similar clocks are found with his label.  It stands 26 inches tall with a clean finish over mahogany veneer, two original glasses including the well-preserved tablet, a wooden dial with some wear, two original hands (the minute hand has been repaired), and an unmarked 30-hour, time-and-strike movement.  There are two old wafer weights and a dark label.  The only flaw I can find are the columns, which I think have been stripped of gilding or paint.  The clock is running and striking with authority. $150-$300.

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