Antique American Clocks                      January 2022


131.      $500

Standard Electric Time Co. wall timeclock, 1912-1968.  Founded in 1884, the company moved to Springfield MA in 1912, and sold to Johnson Controls in 1968.  The solid oak case is 62 inches tall with old wavy glass. The painted metal dial is 12 inches in diameter.  Because I am not an electrician, I did not test it, but my consignor assures me it is in working order, on 24 V.  There is an additional marine-style clock inside and an “Electric Gauge”.   There is a tape-printing mechanism on the right, with tape in the box in the bottom, and several other spools and press-button contacts on the bottom of the case, as well as two indicator lights or buttons on the outside of the case.  This clock has all the bells and whistles.  A circuit diagram is included.  $500-$1500.

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