Antique American Clocks                      January 2022


129.     $250

Terry & Andrews Four post steeple, 1842-1850.  A 19.5-inch four post steeple with good rosewood veneer all around; a couple of the finials have lost their tips.  The dial glass is old, the frosted tablet a modern replacement, but correct for this type of clock.  The contoured dial has been touched up and the numbering strengthened, the hands are likely original.  The standard T&A lyre 8-day time-and-strike movement is signed; it will strike but only run for a minute or two. There is an alarm that winds at the bottom, it was not tested.  Both strike on the iron bell.  There is a very poor label, very dark and tattered, behind plastic.  I could not find any other T&A four post steeples that had sold on either LiveAuctioneers or the Antique Clocks Price Guide.  AAC sold a Brewster & Ingrahams four poster last summer for $426.  $250-$500.

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