Antique American Clocks                      January 2022


119.     $100

Asaph Hall column & cornice, 1830-1837.  The case is 29 inches tall with a very old or original finish, uncleaned.  The stenciling on the half-columns and splat is original and behind a crusty patina.  Both glasses are twentieth century, the tablet nicely repainted.  The dial is in good condition but with some serious repairs to the lower right corner, the hands period.  Someone thought it useful to add screened openings to the sides to better hear the strike on the wire gong, or the ticking.  The 30-hour movement will strike but not run; the label says it should have ivory bushings, but I donít see them; either the movement has been replaced, or he purchased a movement that did not have ivory bushings (he did not make his own movements).  There is a good label from this uncommon maker.  Only a single example of this style by Hall on the Antique Clocks Price Guide, which sold at Schmittís in 2016 for $300.  It was in better shape, and also did not have ivory bushings. $150-$250.

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